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Automating data entry into a form

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Hi All,

I am looking to automate the entry of roughly 10000 lines of information into a web form. Each line has two elements- an order number, then a status indicator associated with that order (open, pending, complete etc, indicated by numerical values) The decimal points in the small table below are only there for spacing, and are not in the actual data.

Order # Status
1001..... 10
1002..... 20
1003..... 10
1004..... 10
1005..... 25


right now the information above is in an excel file, but could be exported to .csv then .txt.

I would need to enter the order # into a field in the web form, click on a button on the form to bring up a sub-screen where the status field is located, then enter the status associated with that order per the file.

I have read through several posts about automating data entry, but haven't seen one where two items on one line (or alternating items) need to be entered.

how would I store the info in the file, alternating lines like:


or in a txt file where every line contains both the first and second element to be entered into the form, like the example above?

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

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Hi windex perhaps you should look at Jethros Tutorial
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