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[App] FIGAhk - Convert text to Ascii art *cmd wrapper*

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Ahk Compatible: Vanilla / Mainstream
License: New BSD License

Requires: StdoutToVar and figdos

Download (~639 kb)
The archive contains the script in source and a precompiled version, the documentation, the figlet executable and all its files and all working fonts. Also all required modules are included.Online Documentation


FIGAhk is a wrapper GUI for an commandline tool named figlet.exe. It converts text to ascii art, like in old days. :) There are settings to customize the output and some standard buttons, i.e. for saving to file.

I have downloaded the MS-DOS version and all fonts, then, deleted all non working ones. The Gui runs a hidden commandline window and retrieves it output. That output is then updated in the gui.


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