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My status and website changes

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My interest in the project has dropped off, and my involvement will probably continue to be low. Therefore I've altered the website to give AutoHotkey_L more of the attention it deserves (most importantly the download page).


My original motivation for starting the AutoHotkey project was to empower users, including non-programmers, to do automation and hotkeys. I wanted the scripting language to be kept simple yet flexible. I didn't want it to become a full-blown programming language.

After a few years it became clear that the user community, at least those most active, wanted AutoHotkey to focus more on programming features like arrays and objects. In hindsight it was then that I began to lose interest, though I didn't want to admit it to myself.

Many active community members also wanted a Unicode version and a native 64-bit version. I had some interest in these things, but was also interested in creating AutoHotkey Version 2 (V2) that would make the language syntax easier and more consistent at the cost of losing backward compatibility. However I didn't feel confident or motivated enough to develop V2 on my own; so I tried to generate some interest in a team effort by posting at the private developer forum. Later I began to have doubts that V2 was the right direction to take things; so a year and a half ago, I started a discussion about AutoHotkey's future and I tried again to generate interest in a team effort to create a common vision and work toward it.

From these discussions, it seemed that the other developers lacked the time or interest to work on either V2 or a shared vision. This is understandable; everyone has their own time constraints and priorities. Anyway, I think it was then that I lost most of my remaining motivation.

Although my interest and activity have dropped off, I'm grateful that Lexikos, fincs, Sean, jackieku, Micha and others consider AutoHotkey worthwhile enough to provide it with major new functionality. In keeping with this, and as something long overdue, I've altered the website to give AutoHotkey_L more of the attention it deserves (most importantly the download page).

As time goes on, the site statistics (download demand) can help determine whether the site should be reoriented more toward AutoHotkey_L. In any case, I'd like everyone to feel free to use the entire forum for either version of AutoHotkey.

As for the maintenance of the website, I'm willing to continue it. If anything ever threatens that, I intend to announce it with enough time for a transition to another trustworthy individual or organization.

Thanks to everyone who's given their support and encouragement over the years!

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I'm sorry to hear that!
AutoHotkey is awesome tool, hope it can keep going!

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Thanks to everyone who's given their support and encouragement over the years!

Thank you for creating the most awesome scripting language ever :)
Long live AutoHotkey!

Learning one
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Chris, You helped so many people. Thank You so much. Lexikos and community are now continuing Your great work. You can be sure that Your name and work will be remembered for a long time.

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Thank you for everything, what you have done for us.
I love Autohotkey and I will never forget her Author.

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thanks for all the work, and thanks for coming back to let everyone know whats up

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"The King is dead. Long live the King."
Thank a lot Chris!

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Thanks for giving us a status update, Chris. I think many of us were getting very concerned as to your whereabouts.

Although I'm sorry to hear that you have lost interest in the project, I'm equally optimistic towards the future of AutoHotkey, specifically it's wider adoption if it becomes a more general purpose programming language.

AutoHotkey was a major factor in the development of my interest towards programming. I began using it about a year ago, when I was 13, and I enjoyed it just as much as I do now. The community is friendly, the language is well thought-out, and the concepts are easy to grasp.

Thank you very much for all your work, and I hope that's not the last we'll see of you!

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Thank you for you efforts. You have indeed spawned something fantastic
Never lose.

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I've been not here for a long time, but I'm still watching the development of AHK, because it's a great project (or "was" in between :()

I want to thank you Chris for starting and developing AHK for a so long time. I've started over 5 years ago now with AHK to develop my first windows-applications and I've learned much in this time about the internals of many parts of my computer.
I want to thank you for many more and I wish you the best for your future!


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Thanks for AutoHotkey :!:

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Many thanks for the countless hours you have put into AHK Chris.

I have updated the Wikipedia page about AutoHotKey to reflect the changes made by Chris.

What ever happened, happened.

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Many thanks for your work Chris

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All the best to you and yours;
Thank you for everything, Chris.

Shannon D Gerton

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I have a bad feeling in the pit of me stomach. AutoHotkey_L scares me :|