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My status and website changes

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What about, Autohotkey++

Never. :)

ouch. :)

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Here is yet another possible direction for the development:

decopuling the language from the backend
<!-- m -->http://www.autohotke...ost-390666.html<!-- m -->

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Since AHKL is the direction...

Is the developer of AHKL prepared to carry the torch?

Can't we release AHKL as AHK v2?

Then the ideas mentioned here http://www.autohotke...toHotkey-v2.htm could be tackled 1 by 1 creating AHK v2.1, 2.2. 2.3... etc?

The AHK ship needs a captain with a vision of AHKs direction AHK


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I know I'm a little late in this reply (work has been hell lately) but, I do want the chance to throw in my "thank you" to you Chris. I posted a similar thread in the "General Chat" thanking the community and all it's users; who wouldn't be here w/o Chris. So, again Chris, Thank you very much for your inspiration. Good luck to you and your future endeavors.

-God speed ( hat doesn't mean you, tank ;) )

EDIT: Moved question over to General Chat.

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Thanks Chris fur such a tool, lets hope its new directions bring the AHK name forward and still keep the core that you dreamed of.

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Also a thanks from me.
You've created an absolutely awesome thing. AHK is the best! AHK rulez!
I really want to thank you, thanks for AHK. I've started 2007 with AHK programming and now, 2010 I still do it! :D

:!: :!: :!: THANKS! :!: :!: :!:

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Would it be difficult to revert back to the original AutoHotkey if I don't like AutoHotkey_L (Installation wise)? Just wondering. Sorry if this isn't the proper place in which to ask this question.

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Would it be difficult to revert back to the original AutoHotkey if I don't like AutoHotkey_L (Installation wise)?

No, you can just install AHK_L over AHK and AHK over AHK_L. It takes about 5 minutes to switch.
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I might give it a try then. If it's incompatible with my current scripts by a large margin, I'll switch back. Anyhow, thanks for the answer.

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Chris, Thanks for all the time and effort that you have put into making AutoHotkey a great tool that anyone can use in a minimal amount of time :D . I have found (and still continue to find) many, many, many uses for AutoHotkey and enjoy working with the language and thorough documentation. Ufortunately (since you seem to have lost interest in development as a result), it seems that a language that makes programming easier for most users will also have a definite appeal to many programmers that will always want to have additional functionality added for various tasks.

I haven't been around much over the last few months and haven't tried any of the other custom versions of AutoHotkey in quite a while. I was hoping to see another "official" release that maybe added a few of the features that other developers had added to their versions that you thought would be of interest to most users. Although I don't think that I've ever fully understood your vision for AutoHotkey and/or the reasons for many of your decisions for the features/functionality that were to be added, I have always enjoyed the results and looked forward to the next release knowing that whether or not it contained a feature I was hoping for it would always be a well thought out, stable release :) . I hope you reconsider and become active with AutoHotkey development in the future... Either way, cheers :D and thanks :D

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Chris wrote "but was also interested in creating AutoHotkey Version 2 (V2) that would make the language syntax easier and more consistent at the cost of losing backward compatibility."
So autohotkey_L is becoming more complex and your idea was an even simpler to use program. Pity you decided not to continue then - due to lack of others being interested, as I think there is room for both. A lot of people would LOVE an even simpler to use version!!
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I love AHK and it's community Posted Image

Btw, thank you Chris Posted Image

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hello everyone,

I was seeking a scripting language for obvious reasons. I compared AutoIT and AutoHotKey and nearly made my mind on learning AHK. Only one thing made me to hesitate which is the stall in development of AHK. Latest release was about 1 year ago. As Chris made an announcement and development of AHK is active again i made my mind to learn AHK (in fact AHK_L). As a newbie i want to clarify a few things for you.

First of all, active development and developers activity is important for new comers. You could say that AHK is already a finished product and not broken, but it is not all about product. Support is very important and it is more important aspect of a free product than commercial ones as there is commercial support there. When people see developers are inactive, they will think that if they need a feature it will not be implemented sooner or later. Also, they will think that community (where support comes from) will shrink in time as new users will not come for a half-dead product. It's kinda vicious circle. So, developer activity and active development is important. Second thing is people hate vagueness. They want a stable product with a firm direction. They don't want to bother about backwards compatibility or naming conventions etc. They want simple and a working product. Probably this is why AHK found an audience even there are better alternatives functionality wise, it is simple to learn and utilize yet working perfectly for intended job.

In my humble opinion, a developer team must be formed in order to prevent such situation (stall/inactivity in development) occurring again. It is nice that Lexikos is active at the moment, but i don't know as a user how long it will last. If there exist a developer team, i will know that even Lexikos quits there will be another people to continue the project. For the second part, it seems as if developers already made their decision on naming convention. Chris already named AHK(old one) as AHK basic. So, in my humble opinion Lexikos must drop the "L" and continue projects as AutoHotKey as AutoHotKey_L is the main branch now. Things must be done bearing that AHK_L is the mainbranch now. For instance, help files must be moved to main site from Lexicos web page. Nobody is in position to dictate such a thing to Lexicos, though. If he/she wants to continue with AHK_L, he must split that project from AHK with giving proper reference, in order to prevent any confusion. In addition to that, Lexicos must form a developer team (if possible) and must share his vision about AHK with community and enlighten them about which direction will AHK head for.

Thanks Chris for his efforts. I saw the source code and put aside the code written even that comments deserves a big credit. Thanks again Chris.

Thanks Lexicos for your invauable additions to AHK and thanks in advance for your upcoming efforts.

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ahk and the forum have inspired me more than you will know

Thank you Chris

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Have enjoyed AHK since I started programming with it, for many years ago.
The programming language (AHK) has given me support in many situations.
(Have searched other program language, but have not found anything that meet my wishes)

The "clouds" I have more and more frequently encountered,
is that it has become harder to find the "right position" to read / enter data,
depending on how the program I want to influence is made. (for example OpenOffice Calc, Virtuemart and so on).

Despite this, I think AHK will give me help to read / modify / influence various files and programs even in the future.

By this I thank Chris for his knowledge, time and inspiration he has given us other.

Are looking with tension how the development of AutoHotkey will continue.

Thanks again Chris!