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But I Want To Do Something Simple...

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I have only one pressing need for this program at the moment and
I cannot seem to find the way to do this in the doc - I'm sure its
there but there is so much to absorb, I thought I'd ask here...

I want nothing more than to save my commonly used strings and
passwords and play them back at will wherever the cursor of
the active application happens to be. IOW, I want to be able to hit a
hotkey combo and have, say, a password played into a form on a browser, or a line of text entered into an editor and so forth.

What is the magic necessary here?


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The simplest way to do what you want is the Send command. Here are a few examples to get you started. This first one uses Win-Z as it's hotkey:

#z::Send, my username{tab}my password123{enter}

This next one uses Ctrl-Alt-Z to put in a signature line.
^!z::Send, Sincerely`,{enter}Joe Smith

There are more details about SEND here (same text as help file):

It's high on my list to write a Tutorial for AutoHotkey so that's it's easier for people (who have never scripted before) to get started.