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Returns an object containing every match and every captured subpattern (requires AHK build supporting objects).

Comparisons to other similar scripts:grep() by polyethene limits you to getting back only 1 subpattern per match
RegExMatchArray() by Slanter was supposed to obtain all matches (even overlapping matches), but doesn't succeed in doing so. It also has the potential to get stuck in an infinite loop.
[AHK_L] RegExMatchArray() by Frankie again limits you to getting back only 1 subpattern per match
[stdlib] RegExMatchAll by derRaphael doesn't limit what you can get, but requires that you specifically request each desired subpattern through a separate "MatchDefinition" parameter.

Example 1:
regexp := "(?P<Year>\d{4}).?(?P<Month>\d{2}).?(?P<Day>\d{2})"
2010-11-11, 11:05
2018-12-14, 16:37
2001-01-13 <---- important?
2002-02-14, 04:46
2010-11-11, 02:12
m := RegExMatchAll(text,regexp)

MsgBox % "there were " m.MaxIndex() " matches"
MsgBox % "3rd match = " m[3][0]
MsgBox % "'Month' subpattern of third match = " m[3]["Month"]

Example 2:
url := "http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/rss.php?t=1"
file := A_ScriptFullPath ".rss"
URLDownloadToFile, %file%, %url%
FileRead, text, %file%
FileDelete, %file%

regexp := "s)<item>\s*<title>(.+?)</title>.*?<link>(.+?)</link>"
matches := RegExMatchAll(text,regexp)

for i,match in matches
    d.="Match #" i ":`n"
    for name,subpat in match
        d.="    " name " = '" subpat "'`n"
Msgbox %d%

The function:
; Applies Lexikos' ListGlobalVars() technique (http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=165430#165430)
RegExMatchAll(text, regexp, pos=1)
    ; prep work for getting list of local variables
    static hwndEdit, pSFW, pSW, bkpSFW, bkpSW
    if !hwndEdit
        dhw := A_DetectHiddenWindows
        DetectHiddenWindows, On
        Process, Exist
        ControlGet, hwndEdit, Hwnd,, Edit1, ahk_class AutoHotkey ahk_pid %ErrorLevel%
        DetectHiddenWindows, %dhw%

        hmod := DllCall("GetModuleHandle", "str", "user32.dll")
        pSFW := DllCall("GetProcAddress", "uint", hmod, "astr", "SetForegroundWindow")
        pSW := DllCall("GetProcAddress", "uint", hmod, "astr", "ShowWindow")
        DllCall("VirtualProtect", "uint", pSFW, "uint", 8, "uint", 0x40, "uint*", 0)
        DllCall("VirtualProtect", "uint", pSW, "uint", 8, "uint", 0x40, "uint*", 0)
        bkpSFW := NumGet(pSFW+0, 0, "int64")
        bkpSW := NumGet(pSW+0, 0, "int64")
    ; RegExMatch until there are no more matches
    ret := Object()
    n := i := 0
    While ( pos := RegExMatch(text, regexp, m%A_Index%_, pos) )
        ret[++n] := Object()

    ; place convenient bookends for regexing matches

    ; get a list of local variables
    NumPut(0x0004C200000001B8, pSFW+0, 0, "int64")  ; return TRUE
    NumPut(0x0008C200000001B8, pSW+0, 0, "int64")   ; return TRUE
    NumPut(bkpSFW, pSFW+0, 0, "int64")
    NumPut(bkpSW, pSW+0, 0, "int64")
    ControlGetText, text,, ahk_id %hwndEdit%
    ; process list of local variables to place all match info into return object
    RegExMatch(text, "sm)^m0_.*(?:^m__.*Global Variables \(alphabetical\)`r`n-{50}`r`n)", matches)
    Loop Parse, matches, `n, `r
    return ret

EDIT: Added an example to demonstrate how named subpatterns work (simple).

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if this function requires something other than ahk basic please state so.
Error in ahk basic

Error at line 23.

Line Text: for i,match in matches
Error: This line does not contain a recognized action.

The program will exit.

Remember that these forums support several flavors of ahk, and without stating any requirements beyound ahk basic is very likely to cause confusion and consternamtion for noobs.

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Returns an object containing every match and every captured subpattern (requires AHK build supporting objects).

so it was mentioned :D

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Hi guys

When I run this function using the examples provided it is causing AutoHotkey_L to crash? is anybody else able to get it to work?[/img]