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use capslock as a toggle

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this script uses the capslock key to give a hotkey 2 different outputs.

GetKeyState, capstate, capslock, t
GetKeyState, state, up, P
if state = D
if capstate = d
send, e
if capstate = u
send, {up}

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Using the state of keys to change the actions of others is a good idea. Note: That particular script probably won't work on Windows 9x because retrieving the Capslock state on those OSes is unreliable (as documented).

A related idea is to use Capslock a modifier (though this won't work on Win9x yet):

Capslock & a::MsgBox, You pressed A while holding down Capslock.

When this hotkey is pressed, the state of the Capslock key will not be changed. This allows Capslock to be a true modifier with no side-effects.

Btw, if anyone is wondering how to get the forum to accept indentation, the only way I know is to use the "Code" button to enclose your code and make sure you use hard spaces rather than tabs. I wonder if there's an easier way.