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Simple Script for Netflix Instant using Remote

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I got the Boxee remote to use with XBMC, and found that Netflix seemed to work best in browser. I setup Google Chrome to browse the library via mouse, and then once the user clicks "Play" or "Resume", they can go back to the couch and control it via the Boxee Remote.

Right now it does:
Jump to fullscreen via enter on remote from Chrome
Pause via enter on remote in fullscreen
Fast forward/reverse via left/right on remote in fullscreen
Exit fullscreen via menu on remote in fullscreen
KeepAlive (no sleep or saver) via Alt lazyness

SetTitleMatchMode 2

SetTimer, CheckWindowsState, % 1000*30 ; Poll every 30 seconds

If (WinActive("ahk_class AGFullScreenWinClass") )
;If (WinActive("ahk_class ShockwaveFlashFullScreen") )
   SendInput {Alt Up}
;   MsgBox Full!

#IfWinActive Netflix Movie Viewer
Click 400, 400
Sleep 300
Send f
Sleep 300
MouseMove, 0, 100

#IfWinActive ahk_class AGFullScreenWinClass
Very simple, but it works. I highly recommend the Boxee remote, but its still going to take some more config, like launching apps via remote.

Inspired by (and also scared by its complexity :)) Netflix Control: A Netflix Silverlight Remote Control Script