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AutoHotkey_L v1.0.91.05

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I tried to run k3ph's spectacular x-mas script with the latest version of AHK_L and it didn't work. However, it runs fine using an original AHK 1.0.48. Can you tell me why?

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I have found out that it must have something to do with the DllCall function as with AHK DllCall(A_Temp . "\BASS.dll\BASS_MusicLoad", UInt, mem, UInt, &file, UInt64, offset, UInt, length, UInt, flags, UInt, freq) returns a handle while it does not when run with AHK_L.

Using bass.dll and song.mo3 from k3ph's script (just comment out the
FileDelete commands and find them in your TEMP directory and copy them to the directory which the script is running in) and this

Thread, NoTimers 

	BassDll:=DllCall("LoadLibrary", "str", "\BASS.dll")
	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_Init", Int, device, Int, freq, Int, flags, UInt, win, UInt, clsid)

	;Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_ChannelPlay", UInt, handle, Int, restart)
	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_ChannelPlay", UInt, handle, Int, restart, Cdecl Int)	

	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_MusicLoad", UInt, mem, UInt, &file, UInt64, offset, UInt, length, UInt, flags, UInt, freq)

	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_ChannelGetLength", UInt, handle, UInt, mode, UInt64)

	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_ChannelBytes2Seconds", UInt, handle, UInt64, pos, Double)

	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_ErrorGetCode", Int)

	Return DllCall("\BASS.dll\BASS_Free", UInt, true),
				 DllCall("FreeLibrary", UInt, BassDll)

; -------------- Init ------------------------------
; -------------- Load ------------------------------
hStream:=BASS_MusicLoad( False, fullfile, 0, 0, 0x40000+0x20000+0x1000, 44100)
MsgBox ,,ErrorCode, %a%,
; -------------- GetLength ------------------------------
; -------------- Play ------------------------------
a:=BASS_ChannelPlay( hStream, 0)
MsgBox ,,ErrorCode, %a%,
sleep %hStream_sleep%


I get MessageBoxes as follows:

AHK: -1610612735 (a valid handle) / 0 (no error) / 1 (ChannelPlay successful) / 0 (no error)

AHK_L ANSI: -1610612735 / 0 / 1 / 0 --> however, this only works when the "Cdecl Int" in the DllCall to BASS_ChannelPlay is removed (see the commented line above), otherwise I get an empty string insted of 1 and it doesn't play anything

AHK_L Unicode: 0 (no handle) / 2 ( BASS_ERROR_FILEOPEN) / 0 (ChannelPlay failed) / 5 (BASS_ERROR_HANDLE)

What has to be changed to make the script run with AHK_L Unicode and why does it run with AHK_L ANSI only without "Cdecl Int"?

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This thread is for discussion about the latest release, not for requesting help with incompatible scripts.

Due to some fundamental differences between AutoHotkey and AutoHotkey_L (particularly Unicode and x64 builds), scripts written for AutoHotkey may not work as expected on AutoHotkey_L. For details of known compatibility problems and solutions, refer to the following:
[*:jl4aye2d]Script compatibility - Unicode vs ANSI, DllCall, NumPut/Get, other changes
[*:jl4aye2d]Script file code page - save your scripts as UTF-8!
Source: AutoHotkey_L (recently added)

Since this one is simple, I will post the answers:
[*:jl4aye2d]BASS expects ANSI strings, but the script is passing it a Unicode string. Replace UInt, &file with AStr, file.
[*:jl4aye2d]DllCall(..., Cdecl Int) was never valid, but in AutoHotkey Basic this error is not caught. Use quotation marks.

Note: When specifying an argument type or return type that does not contain a space or asterisk, the quotes around it may be omitted.
Source: DllCall

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Fixed (Unicode): RegExReplace omitted all text up to StartingPosition (broken by v1.0.90.00).

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Fixed: Cleanup code in COM method calls was freeing the wrong parameters.
Fixed (ANSI): DllCall set incorrect length for wstr parameters on output.
Fixed: Variadic function calls were unstable when param object was empty.

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I was away of AHK during a whole year. I'm very glad to see all of these inprovements.
I've read the roadmap, especially http://www.autohotke...toHotkey-v2.htm and I must say "yes!", breaking backward-compatibility would lead in a cleaner way to write scripts.

Happy New Year to everyone !

(2011 is really starting good)