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[Solved] Script only works on active excel sheet

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Yes that does solve the issue but i'm against using anything that I don't understand.

Actually, I know what you mean. However, Sean originally wrote the ComObjActive function (which, btw, accesses the first object registered on the ROT - which may not be the last Active Excel Window), and he also wrote Acc_ObjectFromWindow. The example I gave you simply accesses the Window Object from the Control HWND you provide. This is the method I would suggest since Excel can have several processes (application objects) running at once, and some may be hidden.

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Well that makes much more sense. Thank you for explaining that as I know for a fact with these old computers we have ann issue with "ghost" Excel books. I'll create a version that uses the functions you showed me and see if I still have any issues when swapping between desktops. Much love! :D