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Is Window Spy Safe?

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Kandou Erik
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I recently downloaded AutoHotKeys, but was surprised to see that as a part of it is a program called Autoit3 Window Spy. I know this might seem painfully obvious, but I really am not versed all of this stuff. I just need confirmation that is isn't Malware or Spyware. The word "Spy" has just put me on edge.

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Hi Kandou Erik,
Welcome to the forum.

It is reasonable that you asked. And Yes, Window Spy is safe.

Before you get to metioning it, you could also call the AutoScriptWriter a keylogger. And that term has bad connotations as well.

But the purpose for both of these, as distributed, is to help the person using AutoHotkey, not to harm.
Neither program saves data covertly. Spy doesn't save data, scriptwriter records keys & mouse but allows you to save or not the results, where you want to.

If I use Spy on a notepad window I get something like this
>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<<
Untitled - Notepad
ahk_class Notepad

>>>>>>>>>>>>( Mouse Position )<<<<<<<<<<<<<
On Screen:	833, 200  (less often used)
In Active Window:	442, 200

>>>>>>>>>( Now Under Mouse Cursor )<<<<<<<<
ClassNN:	Edit1
If I look at the docs for a particular command, I see the terms 'title' and 'class' used
<!-- m -->http://www.autohotke.../IfWinExist.htm<!-- m -->

If I use scriptwriter on notepad, I recorded the following

This is a test. <--- I typed this in Notepad
WinWait, Untitled - Notepad, 
IfWinNotActive, Untitled - Notepad, , WinActivate, Untitled - Notepad, 
WinWaitActive, Untitled - Notepad, 
MouseClick, left,  139,  196
Sleep, 100

If you have more questions, please do ask.
Best Wishes.

Kandou Erik
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Thank you very much for answering my question. It was just a bit startling to see an unknown program running on my computer after downloading a new program.