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INI Library - FAST in memory functions NO REGEX

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Question, is RIni able to read/write a key's value in a file that has no sections defined? I have a cfg file that looks like a standard ini, just does not have any sections.



Nope, it needs a section (any section) specified before it will know what to do with the file.


You could do FileRead and then use the RIni_VariableToRIni() function and concatenate a section on the front of the variable contents.

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Hmm, that's an interesting solution, thanks.

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Could you give an example on how to load a list of all sections in a ini or keys in a section into a listview or similar.

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sorry for the noob q but can anybody tell me how to free up the memory after I have saved the ini data to a file?


I thought RIni_Shutdown might have done the trick but it doesn't appear to make a difference to the script's memory usage.


EDIT: my mistake :p