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Wacom Precision Mode Toggle?

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I'm interesting in converting a mode from wacom drivers as a toggle.
I've been said to take a look at autohotkey, but frankly I don't understand anything.

Does anyone know if there is a script about making the precision mode as a toggle?

The precision mode is a new mode that come with the intuos4, but you have to keep pressing your expresskey to use it.
Pretty annoying.

Any help in doing it will be greatly appreciated.


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Let's clarify what you want. You want it to stay in precision mode indefinitely until you press a button to "untoggle"? So why doesn't it stay in precision? Does pressing on certain keys untoggle precision?

Possibly you could monitor your usage of buttons pressed to re-enable precision when whatever keys normally disable it are pressed.

Run this to see if your express keys are registered in AHK.

Sleep, 20000 ; This is currently set to watch keystrokes for 20 seconds.

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Hmmm I'm a little bit late, and still looking to find a way to do this.

"So why doesn't it stay in precision?"
The problem is that they didn't make a toggle mode, you have to keep pressing the express key to enable this precision mode.
Quite annoying because their button are hard to press and it's not comfortable.