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AutoHotkey v2 Alpha Release

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That is sweet! Would be so awesome :) I don't understand all of the changes, but from what I understand, it's definitely in-the-right-direction.

Removing "var = hello" is probably the largest controversy. I support removing it. I remember learning the different ways of assigning variables was one of the largest sources of frustration when I started using AHK, and now I just assign in the "correct" way, var := "hello".

As for allowing change in the syntax of variables ($var instead of %var%) I support the changes. I imagine alot of people would be good off by using another syntax for variables, since %% is quite unique for Autohotkey. Might be a bit confusion around if people start defining their own variable derefs just because they can, but %var% doesn't really look pretty and intuitive, so I support the change.

Removing SplashImage is something I would be for, just because it's clumsy. That is, if we could get a good replacement. I find it unintuitive that Splash commands need to be turned on and then off, and that SplashText and SplashImage are two different commands. A "Splash, Title, Text, Duration, Options, Image" would be better in my opinion, if it was backed up with solid coding. Options could be specified as On/Off to maintain that functionability.

I might return to this topic for more discussion.

I just want to say, thanks alot for the work and effort put into this, this is happy news!



%var% is very much used in Windows.  It's part of the Windows Environment Variables.  Eliminating it's use will make AutoHotkey more foreign to system administrators and power users of Windows.  http://ss64.com/nt/s...-variables.html



How so? JavaScript is the language of the internet, while VBScript has been described as "the system administrator's language" and is much more widely used as a PC-scripting tool. In fact, it is what is mostly used on MSDN when referring to PC-scripting, (e.g., Sesame Script) and I was referred to AHK when I heard it was "Simpler, more intuitive, and more powerful than VBScript"


Prefer JavaScript and C type syntax more.  Also like the freedom that AutoHotKey presently gives in terms of syntax.