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Controlling Synaptics Touchpad using COM API

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I was reading through this post in the forum. I found out that this some really cool stuff. I would be interested to know if there is a Synaptics SDK for linux. I am using ubuntu 12.04 and would be interested to capture raw touchpad input and perform some interesting tasks.

Thanks for the help.

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Anyone figured out how to get multitouch touch points? It would be great if you could get the number of a touch point from touchpacket.


I'm currently working on a Windows 8 Synaptics to Touch app in C#: https://github.com/D...ynapticsToTouch

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How do u detect a 1 finger tap event properly? i tried this in visual c++:




long CBezelTestDlg::OnSynDevicePacket(long lSeq)
static long x,y;

bool fs=m_Packet.IsTap() ;

if( fs){

static int c=0;
CString s;
s.Format(_T("%d %d %d"), ++c,y,x);


return 0;


but for each single tap, the counter "c" increases by 10. i.e. doStuff() wll be called 10 times for each tap. Is this normal? Im using the latest synaptics drivers from synaptics website.

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even if i do 


bool fs= m_Packet.GetLongProperty(SP_FingerState) & SF_FingerTap2;

c increments by 10 for each 2 finger tap. 

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Hello everyone, this is really interesting topic!

Although I'm not using AHK at the moment and prefer C++ for my intention to deploy a dll once I'm done, but I guess posting here is relevant as I can't see another good topic about Synaptics SDK on the web. I was wondering how to simulate an event like 1F tap? As far as I understand it should be done through a packet but I'm not successful at doing this. Any help? thanks!