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Aaron's Sonar Mp3 Patch v5.64

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[quote name="aaronbewza"]...ok let's check the location the patch writes entries to.

- install patch, add all mp3 options
- open "regedit" (windows key + R, then type regedit in the box)
- open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and look for a key called "CakewalkExtAudioEncoders"... this is where the patch works with Sonar.
- click on it so it expands and shows the keys inside, and click on any one so its info shows up on the right.

If everything is ok so far, you should see these keys:
Posted Image
...and if those keys are there, Sonar should see them.

***It worked to this point, but there is no "External Encoder Configuration Utility" in the file menu. I am not sure if it was an option I needed to select when I first installed Sonar, or whether it doesn't exist in version 3. I did find another free MP3 encoder for Sonar 3 and older called "cwenc" .

Thanks for making the program, it will be very useful when I upgrade to a newer version.

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Updated to version 5.48, links in top post
- I added a truly portable version for the "Create Portable Version" function

Guitarman: I don't have Sonar 3 to verify 100%, but it looks like Sonar 3 is having issues for you, because if you can see those keys, Sonar should be able to as well. the "Name" keys are the ones that show up under the "File type" menu when you are exporting.
The external encoder tool should be under "tools" maybe on the file menu, but that was a suggestion to try only if those registry keys did not show up. It makes the same type of entries in the exact same location as the patch does (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CakewalkExtAudioEncoders).

I'm glad you found an alternative... it's so much nicer making an mp3 directly from Sonar instead of messing around with third-party Mp3 encoders after making a WAV file.

Sonar X1 on a Windows 7 machine is a totally different world! If at all possible, get your hands on a decent machine and try it out :wink:

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The installer link is not working? Where can I find the file?