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AmesEdit - Multilingual editor

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Multilingual editor

Main Features
Accessible from system tray, Send-to menu, Programs menu, Desktop, Explorer shortcut menu
Displays content in any language that's installed on the machine
Quick conversion between language codepages
Open multiple files in the same window or in different windows
Small - put it on an USB flash memory key-chain and run
For Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP
You can download and use AmesEdit for free at Simtel:

Why do I (or you) need AmesEdit ? As far as I know, AmesEdit is the only Windows text editor out there that's: 1. Free. and 2. Allows entry of text in a language that differs from the Windows default.

Point 2 justifies some explanation and can be illustrate with an example: I use English Windows, but often have to work with Japanese text and sometimes also Chinese text. Notepad doesn't help me here since I will often see garbled characters when I open a Japanese or Chinese text file. Other Japanese or Chinese text editors don't help because most of them are written for localized versions of Windows so their menus and dialogs come up garbled although the text display and entry may be correct. Sometimes localized text editors also don't install properly.

Technical readers can read my technical description of the problem if interested.

Therefore I wrote AmesEdit to always use English for its menus, prompts, dialogs, etc. Plus, AmesEdit's installation is just a simple copy to hard-disk (or floppy!). It will open a file in any language the user specifies (as long as the language and its fonts are installed).