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Object.clone() doesn't create a copy, keeps references

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Hi guys,
today I found an interesting thing, which might be a bug.

See this code:
test := Object(), test.one := Object()
test2 := test.clone()

test := Object(), test.one := Object()
test2 := Object(), test2.one := Object()

test := Object(), test.one := Object()
test2 := copyObject(test)


output() {
	test.a := "empty", test.one.a := "a"
	MsgBox % "1: " . test.one.a . "`n2: " . test2.one.a	. "`n`n" . "1: " . test.a . "`n2: " . test2.a

copyObject(input) {
	output := Object()
	for key, val in input
		output[key] := IsObject(val) ? copyObject(val) : val
	return output	
Why is there a difference between cloning an Object that contains other (empty) objects and recreating the object myself? In my opinion, the Object.clone() function should clone the Object with all it's subobjects as it is at the moment and don't just keep the references of the subobjects.

I created a little function for myself that really copies an object and does not keep the references.
Can you tell me, if the way it is now is the way it is meant to be? If so, could you tell me why? I can't think of a reason for this.

Regards, nfl

[Moved from Bug Reports. ~jaco0646]

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You may find an answer in here: Possible documentation error in "Object Methods".

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	nobj := obj.Clone()
	for k,v in nobj
		if IsObject(v)
			nobj[k] := A_ThisFunc.(v)
	return nobj


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Hmm, the clone() method doesn't take any args.

Lexikos: perhaps you could do this: obj.clone(True) which does a deep copy of obj (excluding base?) so both methods are available.

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Thanks jaco0646, now I understand it's much clearer.

Damn, fincs, yours seem to be slightly faster :D

infogulch, that's a nice idea, I would like to have it built in.

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fincs function can be further optimized by calling the function directly (ObjFullyClone(v)) instead of dynamically (A_ThisFunc.(v)) and calling ObjClone(obj) instead of obj.Clone().

It has a fatal flaw: circular references crash the script.