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AutoHotkey vs. AutoIt?

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Ofcourse it is :p

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I was a noob, I'm still a noob, I used AutoIt3, switch to AHK, and finally find out that my noob scripting attempts at least seem more logical.

AutoIt may be fine sourced, it is a complete mess compared to AHK whenever it's up to the user to actually DO something with it.

AHK all the way !

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Time elapsed
AutoHotkey: 39 sec.
AutoIt: 49 sec.

I think this test was a bit unfair, should've used the following. It would reduce a few more seconds:

DllCall("user32.dll\QueryPerformanceCounter", "Int64P", Counter)

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In my tests witn system environment variable functions the difference was around 2x.

The source code dilema is not the question here. The higher degree of abstraction always behaves less performant. If AutoIt code is more sophisticated, that generaly means it is slower (which tests show, and the difference in speed is not small).

The commentary about Goto and spagetty AHK code thus doesn't stand well in typical user environment (nor recommandations "not to use goto" should be followed blindly like suggested above). The Chris optimisied AHK for performance, the code elegance is different topic.
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I would like to apologize for the behavior of i542. It is not the attitude of the majority of those in AutoIt and I want to sincerely apologize to this Forum and the People on whose toes i542 is trying to stomp. He is 11 years old and he has a long way to go in growing up. He has been warned on AutoIt Forums and doesn't take the hint there either. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that he has brought up this "flame war" again. It was so "not right" of him.

I am not a programmer and I don't use either AutoIt or AHK. But I am kinda like the Mother Figure at AutoIt for my husband gafrost is an active user of AutoIt. And i542 was one I thought I had gotten through to about how to behave on public Forum. I am sorry that I didn't do a better job.

Please accept my humblest apologies.


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duh! what flame? where? :roll:

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Shame on all of us, who felt provoked by an 11-year old. I thought he was 15 or so, but non of us should have taken him seriously. It is a valuable lesson for us: don't spend our time with fighting a kid.

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:lol: Who cares how old... This thread has become more of a sport than a constructive comparison/debate anyway... :p

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... and nearly just as funny as The Argument Sketch

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@tonne: Thanks for that link. Amusing! :)

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The Argument Sketch (video)

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At this point in AutoHotkey development, I don't think AutoIt users can say much...

AutoHotkey does COM/OLE or can embed VBScript and JScript. There are also other "workaround methods" that would allow for adding other script languages into AutoHotkey script, as if VBScript and JScript were not enough. Not to mention DLL calls, etc...

AutoHotkey has a simpler to use and learn syntax. Example- LOOP and GUI creation.

AutoHotkey is open source and AutoIt is closed source.

AutoHotkey is faster.

A few more steps on the AutoHotkey side and the "war" is technically over, despite any hate or bias.

The reason for this is that many programming languages are simply re-inventing the wheel. Everything could be done in Assembly or C, so why not do that?

Because its hard, difficult, slow, etc... The point is to find faster and easier ways to program. That is what AutoHotkey has accomplished to a greater extent than AutoIt.

What is truly innovative is not creating another Visual Basic-like language, but creating an easier to use, more useful, and faster to learn language.

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Yeah, I first stumbled upon AutoIt and used that for a few weeks. I realized I could not grasp the syntax and concept. However, I found AHK and it seems that AHK has simpler methods and calls.

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Hello. I am a long time user of Autoit3 and regular on the Autoit V3 forums. I'm using an alternate name to protect my identity :oops:

I've heard of the hostility between Autoit and AHK before, and quite frankly, believe it is unnecessarily. Over on the Autoit3 Forums, threads are locked that even mention AHK. Personally, I choose Autoit3, because to me, the Syntax is cleaner, and it is very expendable (A user recently wrote functions to allow the execution of raw machine code)

About people saying the users on the forum are vicious:

This is totally a misconception. 90% of the members are really nice people. We do have one hilarious moderator who is able to drop the F bomb whenever necessary, and we can be a little hostile to members who are just learning Autoit to bot online games, but that is only to try to maintain Autoit's good name.

I do know i542 from the forums, and he can be... obnoxious. Heck, he is obnoxious. Katrijn (Posted earlier in the thread) is also a regular member toping off at thousands of posts. You can tell by the way she posted that message that we're not all bad over here.

About the fact that it's fishy that Autoit went closed source, I've used Autoit3 for 2 years, and i know the developer are all extremely kind people, and i'm sure they closed the source as a benefit to the language.

IMHO, people should use whatever language they feel like using. Let people name their scripts with an AHK extension, Let them name their scripts with an AU3 extension. Just put an end to the hostility.

Thank you.

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After Reviewing the AutoIT function page, and viewing the examples
I personally think AHK need to "borrow" some needed functions like
The Whole TCP Section :D, Beside that i think AHK is faster and cleaner.

BTW is there an AHK 2.0 on the horizon? :D