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Is there a way to write "Text" on Desktop, above W

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but there is a something, that i can't understand (((
There prints not only "some text". There appears "c:\WINDO \S te 2\"
what is it? Haw can i disable this?

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Hm, I Found where was a problem!
this is a right:
DllCall("User32.dll\DrawTextEx", "UInt", hDC, "Str", "some ksj sdfkjshd fjksdhkfj shkdjf hskjdf hsdftext", "UInt", 3000, "UInt", &RectF, "UInt", DT_WORDBREAK, "UInt", 0)

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and one thing, sorry...
CreateRectF(RectF, xPos, yPos, 2000, 500)
When i'm creating RectF and xPos and yPos <>0 - it's not printing any letters - nothing (((

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I'm afraid I can't help with that; the GDIPlus wrapper is not quite Win9x-friendly so I can't play with it. Hopefully someone else will lend a hand in this matter.

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I found this script in the forum, I moded it. It writes on desktop
; TransparentEditBox

; Here's an edit control solution

; http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic41720.html

#singleinstance force

Gui, Font, s32
CustomColor = EEAA99
 Gui +LastFound +AlwaysOnTop -Caption -border +ToolWindow
Gui, Color, , Black
Gui, Font,  cblue  
Gui, Add, Edit,  x-2 y-2  -VScroll -hscroll -border -0x40 w1284 h800
Gui +Lastfound
WinSet, TransColor, Black 255 ; set editbox transparency
Gui, Show,, test window

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Hi kenn,

Not to put a damper on your posting or scripting efforts...
But I point out that this thread is almost 2 years old :(
And your script does not match what the original poster asked for
that is ... writing on the desktop ...

your script writes in a window which is always on top of other windows

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But I point out that this thread is almost 2 years old :(

Small correction.. almost 5 years old!

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I guess a good example is when theres a beta or bad copy of windows
and you get that little message on the lower right of screen?
Posted Image
I suspect its not a control or window??

Perhaps theres an API for messages like this??

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*Off topic*
It was an extremely weird feeling for me to read that SKAN, of all people, actually posted a question like this in AFH. XD I KNEW it was old before I clicked on it. :p
AutoHotkey state, the forum, Poly, and Drainx1. The short story.
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Hi leef_me, Skan, Eedis :) First of all nice to meet you nice people! I'm new to AHK, I wanted to help beginners like me here, sorry I didn't know my post was offtopic.
My aim is to make a chess program based on Skan's Puzzle, I moded it for my needs, but I need much help, I'll use Crafty's chess engine(it's a DOS console), I don't know how to bind crafty to gui:(