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?LWin Up::

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I am trying to make my hotkey LWin Up:: on the condition that it does not coincide with another hotkey. For example, suppose I have a hotkey such as #d:: and I activate it; how do I prevent LWin Up:: from being activated in such a case?

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You can't avoid Windows (or any OS) to release a key when you really release it...

LWin Up:: is a hotkey so you can't "disabled" it.

The only thing you can do is changing what it does when trigger :
Argh := False

	Argh := False

	Argh := True

#If (Argh = True)
*a Up::
	MsgBox special a up
	Argh := False
#If (Argh = False)
a Up::
	MsgBox normal a up

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#If A_PriorKey = "LWin"
~LWin Up::
    MsgBox LWin Up
AutoHotkey_L v1.1.01+ required.

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That did it! Thanks!