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kill process AND tray icon - possible?

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how to put this together in AutoIt

No offense or mean tone meant, but this is the AutoHotkey forums.
If you'd like AutoIt code, please go to the AutoIt forums and they should help you with that code...or switch to AHK. :lol: Up to you to decide which one of those two options you'd like to do.

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The one of Noobie Guest works just fine. I am working at a big IT company at a help desk. Discovering this OpenSource Soft was the bestttt!!!!

I am running it along with some Excel Macros, for fulfilling and Old Access Like Database which makes you make thousands of mouse clicks.

Killing the opened processes of AutoHotKey was all I was needing to really implement this at work.

I know this is out of topic but I'm trying to make the soft work on the browser Chrome but above all to be able to

A: Setting Hotkeys (I don't know how to do it yet :p

B: Making it able to wait for user input ex. user press enter instead of using keyboard "means data auto-entered is ok and won't create error" - Something like a Play And Pause

It's an Amazing Software

Best Regards,

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A rather old topic, but here's a VERY simple solution:


Don't close the Gui the script creates.  Close the Systray ICON.   It's title is (1) the script's path appended with (2) a dash, a space,  "AutoHokey", a space and the ahk version number.  So here is what I use:

;   STOP an active AHK script
;   The script name, just the filename, is passed as a parm.
;   Note:  The scripts' windows are HIDDEN!!!.   DETECTHIDDENWINDOWS must be ON!
DetectHiddenWindows On
SetTitleMatchMode 2                                 ; titles must contain specified text
b := 1
Param:= %b%        ; Get parameter 1.
wintitle = c:\users\Joey\Documents\autohotkey_scripts\%param%.ahk
winget, winid, id, %wintitle% - AutoHotkey
winclose   , ahk_id %winid%      

Of course, if you like to be more exact, the wintitle variable could also have the ahk version number and then you could use SetTitleMatchMode 3.  But, why bother?