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child GUI's controls names not visible when using OnMessage

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here is an example
tooltip somehow show control names from parent gui
OnMessage( 0x200, "Tlp" )
Gui, parentgui:New,,parent
Gui, parentgui:Default
gui,add,edit, vparentcontrol1 w50,1
gui,add,edit, vparentcontrol2 w50,2
Gui, childgui:New, +ParentParentgui -Caption +Border
Gui, childgui:Default
gui,add,edit, vchildcontrol1 w50,3
gui,add,edit, vchildcontrol2 w50,4
gui,show,x70 y10 w100 h100
gui,parentgui:show,w200 h200

tlp(p_w, p_l, p_m, p_hw)
	tooltip % A_GuiControl "`n" A_Gui

i found a solution though, but it looks like bug:
tlp(p_w, p_l, p_m, p_hw)
hGui := DllCall( "GetParent", "Ptr", p_hw )
GuiControlGet, controlName,% hGui ":Name",% p_hw
tooltip % controlName

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Fixed in v1.1.09.03.


Note that in this case, A_Gui refers to the child Gui (which contains A_GuiControl), while the Last Found Window is the top-level window which contains the control (i.e. parentgui).