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AHK version for the Mac?

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I have been using AutoHotkey for several years in my work. It allows me to perform tasks in AutoCAD, MicroStation and MS Word that immensely speed up my work flow. I often take the MS Word tasks to work on at home. I have only a Mac at home and there is no program even close to AutoHotkey for it. I know most of you are strictly within the PC world, but it would be nice to see (at least the keyboard command set) ported to OS X. I am expecting a lot of flack for this, but I am willing to take it. I have worked and programed in both worlds and each has its benefits. For me, I really like not having to troubleshoot Windows problems for my wife, who is a major technophobe. (She hasn't grasped the concept of COPY and PASTE yet.)

I have not done any major coding in either system in over 15 years or I would attempt it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have contributed to AHK, what an amazing environment to work with!

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AHK is a Windows scripting language, and you can tell that a lot of the language's design has been influenced by the facilities available in Windows. It would not do AHK justice to do a direct port to OS X, even if it were feasible to do so without a major rewrite.

That said there are alternatives to look to: Autokey and to a certain degree, IronAHK, are both competent tools for automation in non-Windows environments.