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Create a macro for an XBOX Controller for PC

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I apologize if this has been asked before. I did a google search and a forum search and could not find anything close to an answer.

I am attempting to setup a macro for my Xbox360 Windows Gamepad:
<!-- m -->http://www.microsoft... ... or-windows<!-- m -->

I need the macro to hold down the "back" button on the controller for about 250ms every 10 seconds. Preferably I could enable/disable the macro using a keyboard or controller combination. Can Autohotkey pull this off? If so, what's the exact coding I'd need?


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XBOX 360 Controller For Windows Joystick buttons:
AHK  ==  Xbox Controler
Joy1 == Green/Button A
Joy2 == Red/Button B
Joy3 == Blue/Button X
Joy4 == Yellow/Button Y
Joy5 == Button LB
Joy6 == Button RB
Joy7 == Button Back
Joy8 == Button Start
Joy9 == Button Left thumb stick
Joy10 == Button Right thumb stick
Toggle F12 to start and stop.
if !flag_backbutton
	Global flag_backbutton := 1
	goto, PressBackButton
	SetTimer, PressBackButton, off  
	flag_backbutton := ""

SetTimer, PressBackButton, 10000
Send {Joy7 down} 
sleep, 250
Send {Joy7 up}

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This doesn't work, and as far as I can tell, AutoHotKey can't send Joystick input. I've been searching for the past couple hours for a way to do the same sort of thing described by the OP, with no luck. In my case, I want to have a key on the keyboard that will toggle holding down one of the xbox triggers when I don't have the controller in my hand, and am using keyboard/mouse.

Anyone have any idea on how to do this? I've found tons of ways to send keystrokes/mouse using a controller, but nothing that works the other way around.

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now with that script you said didnt work.. are you in the game in a FullScreen mode???
have you tried the script in a different program to see if that "back" button is being sent?
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