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Display mouse coordinates and copy them if needed

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#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.

#Warn ; Recommended for catching common errors.

SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.

SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; While CapsLock is toggled On

; Script will display Mouse Position (coordinates) as a tooltip at Top-Left corner of screen.

; Also allows to copy them (to clipboard) with a PrintScreen button.

#SingleInstance force ; only one instance of script can run

#Persistent ; to make it run indefinitely

settimer start1, 0 ; "0" to make it update position instantly



if !GetKeyState("capslock","T") ; whether capslock is on or off


 tooltip ; if off, don't show tooltip at all.



 { ; if on

 CoordMode, ToolTip, Screen ; makes tooltip to appear at position, relative to screen.

 CoordMode, Mouse, Screen ; makes mouse coordinates to be relative to screen.

 MouseGetPos xx, yy ; get mouse x and y position, store as %xx% and %yy%

 tooltip %xx% %yy%, 0, 0 ; display tooltip of %xx% %yy% at coordinates x0 y0.

 PrintScreen:: ; assign new function to PrintScreen. If pressed...

 clipboard == %xx% %yy% ; ...store %xx% %yy% to clipboard.




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This is really nice.
Is there a version that can do the same but for relative position to an application rather then global screen pos?

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I wrote one a long time ago from bits and pieces I found on the forum. It does both relative and screen coordinates. Very useful.


Screen measuring script. Reports position and size of selected rectangle

To select area:
1. position crosshair and right click mouse to anchor it
2. drag box over area to capture
3. left click mouse to capture the area
MessageBox will display results

Press Esc to exit.
Menu, Tray, Icon, %A_ScriptDir%\rulers.ico
SetWinDelay 0
CoordMode, ToolTip, Screen
Coordmode, Mouse, Screen
Selecting := False
MouseGetPos, ,,InitPos   ;save where mouse started for window
OldX := -1, OldY := -1

ID1 := Box(2,1,40)
ID2 := Box(3,40,1)
WinActivate, ahk_id %InitPos%

SetTimer Ruler, 10

;KeyWait, RButton, D
RButton::             ;using hotkey instead of waiting for a key keeps the right click from calling other behavior during script
SetTimer Ruler, Off
Selecting := True

MouseGetPos, MX, MY, InitPos
MX := MX - 5  ;correct for mouse pointer offset relative to crosshairs
MY := MY - 5
Gui, +AlwaysOnTop -caption +Border +ToolWindow +LastFound
WinSet, Transparent, 80
Gui, Color, lime

ID4 := Box(4,1,40)   ;create second set of crosshairs
ID5 := Box(5,40,1)
WinActivate, ahk_id %InitPos%

While, ( !(GetKeyState("LButton", "p")) && (Selecting = True) )
   MouseGetPos, MXend, MYend
   WinMove ahk_id %ID4%,, % MXend+1, % MYend-20     ;create crosshair by moving 1/2 length of segment
   WinMove ahk_id %ID5%,, % MXend-20, % MYend+1
   w := abs(MX - MXend)
   h := abs(MY - MYend)
   If ( MX < MXend )
   	  X := MX
   	  X := MXend
   If ( MY < MYend )
   	  Y := MY
      Y := MYend
   Gui, Show, x%X% y%Y% w%w% h%h%
   PointX := -(MX - MXend)
   PointY := -(MY - MYend)
   ToolTip, %PointX%`,%PointY%
   Sleep, 10
if (Selecting = False)
	Goto, Restart
MouseGetPos, MXend, MYend
if (PointX < 0)
		RulerX := RulerX + PointX
		PointX := Abs(PointX)
	if (PointY < 0)
		RulerY := RulerY + PointY
		PointY := Abs(PointY)
; output
WinGetTitle, TitleRel, ahk_id %RelativeTo%
OutputMessage = Location absolute: %RulerX%`,%RulerY%`nLocation relative: %RulerRelX%`,%RulerRelY%`nRelative to: %TitleRel%`nSize: %PointX%`,%PointY%`n`n This has been placed on the clipboard.
Clipboard = %OutputMessage%
Msgbox, %OutputMessage%
Gui, Destroy
Gui 2:Destroy
Gui 3:Destroy
Gui 4:Destroy
Gui 5:Destroy
Goto, Restart  ;OutOfHere

if ( Selecting = True )
	Selecting := False
	Gui, Destroy
	Gui 2:Destroy
	Gui 3:Destroy
	Gui 4:Destroy
	Gui 5:Destroy

	CoordMode, Mouse, Relative
	MouseGetPos, RulerRelX, RulerRelY, RelativeTo
	CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
   MouseGetPos, RulerX, RulerY
   RulerX := RulerX - 5  ;offset the mouse pointer a bit
   RulerY := RulerY - 5
	RulerRelX := RulerRelX - 5  ;offset the mouse pointer a bit
   RulerRelY := RulerRelY - 5
   If (OldX <> RulerX)
	  OldX := RulerX
   If (OldY <> RulerY)
      OldY := RulerY
   WinMove ahk_id %ID1%,, %RulerX%, % RulerY-20    ;create crosshair by moving 1/2 length of segment
   WinMove ahk_id %ID2%,, % RulerX-20, %RulerY%
   ToolTip Abs: %RulerX%`,%RulerY%`nRel: %RulerRelX%`,%RulerRelY% ;ScreenClip (R-click to anchor)

   Gui %n%:Color, 0,0                  ; Black
   Gui %n%:-Caption +ToolWindow +E0x20 ; No title bar, No taskbar button, Transparent for clicks
   Gui %n%: Show, Center W%wide% H%high%      ; Show it
   WinGet ID, ID, A                    ; ...with HWND/handle ID
   Winset AlwaysOnTop,ON,ahk_id %ID%   ; Keep it always on the top
   WinSet Transparent,255,ahk_id %ID%  ; Opaque
   Return ID