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[How to] Refresh System Tray Icons

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How to Refresh " Icons Display " in System Tray ?

This Topic is outdated. Refer Nazzal's NoTrayOrphans()

From a script - we can Terminate a Process through Process Close, command.
However, the Icon of the terminated process is displayed on the "Tray Notification Area"
unless the mouse is hovered over the Icon.

I post the following code that should handle the Mouse-Over-SystemTray for "any size" and "any position" taskbar

[*:1uq5ecgm]Download the Script : Refresh_TrayNotificationArea.ahk
But, I feel that this is NOT a perfect work around. ImageSearch is a powerful command that should
be used for this purpose but unfortunately I could not make a working script (till this date of posting).

It will be very useful if the script is modifed using ImageSearch. Any takers?

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:D That has been requested soooo many times!

Nice work! I like your Always @ Bottem and Replace Start Button Tips as well!
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refreshes it? all it did was move my mouse over it like about 5 times each direction (some thing im not lasy to do my self)

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You could try : NoTrayOrphans() by Nazzal.

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I think neither of them are likely to work with Windows 7 or later.

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Although this script works fine to remove the orphaned icons but if the icons are hidden, then this does not work. The hidden icons in the tray can be seen by pressing #b and then {Enter}.
Can this script be modified to take care of the above scenerio?

Thanks and Best Regards,