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[How to] Automate a Web-Login (Requires IE)

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Hi love your tutorial but im still really struggling with this.
I wish to login to a website automatically and then be able to quit out of the website by mapping a key command to alt+f4.
Currently I cant get my program to quit back to media centre.

hope this is ok here is my program ..http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=145312

Basically im in the uk and using a website called sky go(http://go.sky.com/vo...ge/tvListing.do ) its a website version of sky tv and perfectly legal. My problem is that ive created an exe file using batch to exe that just simply runs the website in fullscreen kiosk mode using internet explorer command line You then have to log in to the website and then there is no way to quit it and go back to xbmc.
If anyone could help with this it would be you !. Autologin and then an alt+f4 map to a key so that my hauppage remore can be mapped to that key.


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Hello! I'm new here and this looks to be an exciting "tool". I am trying to get the following script to work . It opens up google/mail ok and puts my username and password in the text boxes but it does NOT Click the SignIn Button. Any ideas on how to get this to work. I really appreciate your input! :-)





GMailLogIn(UserName,Password) {
 pwb := ComObjCreate( "InternetExplorer.Application")
 pwb.Visible := True
 pwb.Navigate( "http://mail.google.com/mail")
 While, (pwb.ReadyState <> 4)
 Sleep, 100
 pwb.document.all.Email.value := UserName
 pwb.document.all.Passwd.value := Password

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Just a tip for noobies who are looking to automate their web logins.

There is a service that lets you setup auto logins for all of your favorite sites. No coding required.


The service is called LastPass (see: http://lastpass.com), its free (to an extent). They also offer extensions/plugins for all of the major web browsers.


Before anyone asks, I do realize that this forum is about AHK and scripting, but it seems like a lot of people have come to this post looking for the simplest solution.


I believe LastPass (or any other similar password managing service) is a much simpler solution than using AHK to automate logins.