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Diablo III skill macros?

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I know nothing about Autohotkey, but I was just wondering if it would be possible to use this program to automatically switch skills/runes set up in Diablo 3, and also to swap weapon sets.
I don't want to do this to gain any advantage in PVP (in fact the cooldowns for skill changes stop this anyway) but I want to be able to change the way my character plays without having to open every menu and click to reassign skills.

I also would like to switch between sword/sheild, dual wield, and 2 handers, without having to go into the inventory all the time.
Is this the kind of thing that Autohotkey can do? If so I will have some learning to do about writing scripts!

Thanks a lot for any response.

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im sorry you didnt get a reply earlier - and i dont know if youre still looking at AHK

but the answer to your question is yes

i am a total newb when it comes to ahk, coding, scripting, etc, but a VERY basic ahk script can be made for this purpose with the use of but two commands:
send click

the way i would do it is simply:
1. get the coordinates of everything youd manually be clicking on (button to open inventory, the items you want to switch to, the slots to drag/drop those items, the skills/runes stuff)
2. initiate send clicks on those coordinates followed by a user-dependent period of sleep (user-dependent sleep period: how much time does it take for your comp to fully render the opening/closing/clicking of various things? ideally you want the wait time to be as little as possible, but you need it to be long enough so it works for you)

what this would do is allow you to press 1 button or whatever, then itd begin the process of pulling up the inventory, drag/dropping the items, etc, that you would do normally... but it would do the whole procedure for you automatically, at the press of one button. this is a VERY crude method of doing what you want, and i assume theres a more sophisticated way... but the send click/sleep commands and how to make an ahk script can be learned in 10 mins of reading... and it works

you get the coords by right clicking ahk's icon in the systray and clicking "window spy"

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I'm already working on something like that.

The only major issue that i have right now looks like this:

Elective Mode is ON

Here are the spell categories (demon hunter):
Primary (4) | Secondary (4) | Defensive (3) | Hunting (4) | Devices (4) | Archery (4)

Let's say, on your 3rd Spellslot you have an ability (exp. Multishot) which is in the Archery category. You want to change this spellslot to a Defensive spell. The problem is, you need to change categories with the 2 arrow (pages) buttons. In this case, 3times, then pick the new Defensive spell.

So the script should know following:

1. The current active category is Archery
2. Press the left arrow 3 times to get to the Defensive category
3. Choose the new defensive ability and it's rune (I'm already done with this)

The only way to know what is your current active Category is, to use Imagesearch (which i really hate, because it's not reliable), or use preset macros, but that makes everything more complex.

But today i will do some tests first.


Imagesearch works fine, but still got 2 major issue:

- The script is class specific
- Resolution specific

This means, at it's current state only supports: 1680x1050 + demon hunter

in the video, i'm switching between these builds:



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Im trying to use the Imagesearch but im having a lots of problem!! They always don't detect the image, could u please post ur code here?

Are you using .png format?

what video config on diablo?


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its never work:

ImageSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0, 0, 1280, 720, *%a_index% %a_ScriptDir%\D3.png
if ErrorLevel = 2
send {2}
else if ErrorLevel = 1
send {3}
MouseClick, Left, FoundX, FoundY

Matthew G Kim
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If any one of you is still looking for some key macro, please try mine and give me back some feedback. uploaded on http://rahs.tistory.com/56and you can download either compiled one or code itself as well.