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Hi guys, i'm a new member and i am actually new to programming, well, not that new lol, I am writing an algorithm in MQL4 language, and could use all the help i can get, some people say it's similar to c++, i am still studying the language though and it is pretty interesting, i'm a currency trader and thinking about automating my trades.

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welcome to the AHK forum. We don't have MQL4 here, so this might not be the place for you. Feel free to hang around and learn AHK!

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Hi guys, this sounded like an interesting topic but quite unfortunately, this forum might not be of much help. cheers anyways for starting this thread. Oh and by the way, let me know of your progress with the MQL4 project you've got going on there. cheers.

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The double data type is probably the most common type found in MQL programs.