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Rift Fishing Bot -simplistic-

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Auto-loot should be on ?


Also, this script is working well but apply a lure is not working 

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the coder of this script is no longer updating this.


please refer to either my script (all working features, and alot of extras also) or the modified simple one by Arael..


My script = http://www.autohotke...hing-assistant/




Did a solution provided fix your issue? please mark as "Answered" if so. thank you!

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i was wondering if i could get your help with your fishing macro i had it working now it not only thing i was having it would not land the fish

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Notcoder's script wasn't updated when they removed the Reel it in! text.
See Temil's post above yours.

I would recommend caution with using the script now, they're cracking down on users. I recently received a warning notification, and had plat removed for violating the ToS using it.