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AppsKey doesn't always open context menu

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Hi All,

I have noticed a difference between these two:

; Makes the left Alt key become the Apps key (which is the key that opens the context menu).

; Makes the right Alt key perform a right click to bring up the context menu.
RAlt::MouseClick, Right

Specifically, AppsKey (and pressing Shift+F10) doesn't always open the context menu. For example, when I look at a forum post on this forum, LAlt won't bring up a context menu, but RAlt will - although for some reason when I test it on this open post in progress, LAlt will always brings up a context menu.

So my question is, how to I fix this to have it always bring up a context menu - without using an actual right click? The reason for this is that I have a situation out of my control atm where Win XP 64-bit + StrokeIt + right click is crashing Java apps and I am looking for a work-around.

Thanks for any advice!


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I don't know if you're still looking for an answer. I was. I found in another thread that turning an Alt key into an AppsKey won't work:


"Because alt and appskey won't work when pressed at the same time (just try pushing them at the same time in explorer)

If you must use alt, try putting a keywait statement in to wait until alt is released before sending appskey"


Also I found out that even




Won't always work, So far I've been lucky using


^m:: send, {AppsKey}

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This can be explained by reading up on the difference between a remapping (key::otherkey) and a one-line hotkey (key::command).