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Desktop replacement

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Hey there,

I've made a fairly well-documented and mult-function launcher application by stealing various bits of code from these forums (esp. the alt-tab replacement). I've been using this myself, and my roommate seemed to like it...

The main thing I hate about the current desktop paradigm is that its so distracting. My idea is to have a desktop or shell that doesn't tell you what it wants you to do (by throwing all these buttons and icons at u) but u actually "use", so that things only appear when you need them, and you have to know what you you want to do rather than constantly being offered choices... The idea being that u have to "will a decision" rather than "react", to the computer ...

Surely, this opposition would be difficult to maintain, considering that making the choices hidden doesn't mean removing the choices. Which might simply mean that its nothing but a pleasant fiction.

then again, im the kind of person who gets distracted by the second hand on my watch. and writing this script has been the most distracting thing of all :(

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https://ahknet.autoh....0 Complete.ahk

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i get an error at line 276

line text: %CurrentTime% ┬║tteryLifePercent%%┬ČLineStatus%
error: invalid `%

can anyone else verify this?

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Indeed, this line seems corrupted, it should read like:
ControlSetText, Static2, %CurrentTime%%batteryLifePercent%`%%acLineStatus%
It seems %ba and %ac are treated like URL-encoded chars... (hexa values)
Titan, if you see this, can you check if this is a problem with AutoHotkey.net?
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the help msg says u can use shortcuts if they are in c:\shortcuts... does anyone know how to display them?

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it should read like:
ControlSetText, Static2, %CurrentTime%%batteryLifePercent%`%%acLineStatus%

Thanks, I've fixed this. The problem could be the PHP upload mode - I'll have to make sure it's set to binary.

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