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Programming language of AutoHotKey?

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Hi, everyone, I'm a newbie to AutoHotkey. :)

I wish to include this AutoHotkey function in my final year project in my university. But I can't seem to find any source code / programming language details of AutoHotkey.

Can anyone please tell me what programming language (c# , c++ , Javascript , java ?) i can use to implement a AutoHotkey application ? Or where can I learn more about AutoHotkey ? I really need help on this, hope someone can provide me some helps. :)

I don't want to use the existing application provided because I really wish to learn and we are not allow to copy others work. So I wish to do my best to implement a new AutoHotkey by myself.

Or do anyone else has new idea if i can swap the keyboard key value ? For example, if I keyin "asdf" , the input pc receive may be symbol "[email protected]".

Thanks in advance for those helping me ~ I appreciate it a lots ~ :D

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AutoHotkey is open source. Did you try the source code already? <!-- m -->http://github.com/Au.../zipball/master<!-- m -->

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See here for some links to discussion you may find interesting <!-- m -->http://l.autohotkey.net/<!-- m -->

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Acclaration: development on AutoHotkey v1.0 stopped three years ago, nowadays all development occurs on the v1.1 and v2 branches (the former being called AutoHotkey_L). Refer to the above guest for more details.

By the way, AutoHotkey is GPL v2 software, so be sure to read the whole license if you plan on borrowing code from it.