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Reading MSPaint adventures / Homestuck

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If you've been thinking of reading Homestuck, but have been afraid of the archive panic (sorry :p ), then this little script oughta help.

It's for automatically going to the next page without having to hunt and click the link with the mouse (and for opening the dialog-boxes).

(And MAN do I wish I'd known about AHK BEFORE I finished my archive binge up to present! I don't know how much time I woulda saved from not hunt-and-clicking all the time. The ergonomics!)

; Turns the script on and off. In case you want to actually USE the z and x keys to write, for crazy some reason
; (You MIGHT want to set 'em to something else. Like #z and #x or something.)

z::send {TAB 12}{Enter} 
; if the page has a whateverlog,
; then it pops it open
; if it only has a link to the next page,
; then it goes to that page

x::send {TAB 2}{Enter}
; if you just opened a whateverlog,
; then this goes to the next page

Since all it does is send twelve virtual hits of the tab key followed by an enter, it can obviously be easily messed up if you do certain other stuff on the page first (like clicking on interactive flash pages or highlighting text) and THEN hit the hotkey. (Cuz then the "enter" will end up falling on some other link.)

But you can use uparrow/downarrow/pageup/pagedown/mousescroll like normal, of course.