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Script for DMO (digimon masters online)

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I would like some help on which would be a proper script, for masters online
I just want the digimon to target, attack target and the tammer to pick up loot
the keys would be C, 1 and 4.

a command to start the function and another one to stop it

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I can write a script no problem for it if i could get it work inside digimon masters online... is it possible the AHNlab hacker shield that starts up at the start is blocking it from working?? None of Send commands generate anything inside the game. Even in the login/password area I cannot get AHK to work at all. Anyone have any clues as to what the problem could be?

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Not sure why that posted without my user next to it, but yeah I can't get AHK to work inside Digimon Masters Online at all. It works in every other game I play expect that one.