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Autohotkey_L cannot send commands to Windows 8 windows?

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So, is it possible in Windows 8 to map Win L and disable the original Windows 8 function for Win L?

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joedf: Yes, the removal of the start menu is a Windows 8 feature. The OP's problem was not specific to Windows 8. Therefore your post was misguided and offtopic.

Oliver: You can use the same method as is used for other versions of Windows, afaik.

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Sorry for my post.
I'll do my best.
And thank you for the answer that it did work.

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Have you set your IIS program to run as Admin Always?

1. Take your mouse to bottom left hand corner to pop out Start Panel. Now click Search
2. This will open Search Apps windows and will list most commonly used apps. Search for the app if its not listed there.
3. Right click the app icon which you want to run as administrator. After right click, a check mark will appear on the icon.
4. And at the bottom you will get Advanced option this App. Click on the Advanced icon and select Run as administrator.


Thank you for your help.


Once I set auto hotkey to run as administrator, my scripts were able to manipulate all windows normally.