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Develop an app for Android

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I am developing an app for Android but to be honest I am not a skilled developer. Because of this I searched on the Internet for a solution. Then found a site that provided useful information about this topic with code sippets that handle the physical buttons and the rotation features of the mobile devices. As a novice person I found the instructions and code snippets to be really useful and understandable. The information on the page (if interested: <!-- m -->http://www.voip-sip-... ... -voip.html<!-- m -->) might also be useful for other beginner developers. I only meant to give an advice with this post and I hope some will benefit from it.

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theres a site i know of that can be used to make android apps

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theres a site i know of that can be used to make android apps

yeah its called Google 8-)
(well under the Developer area, and it is free, easy to use)
I made a cool Pet Your Cat app where you can "Pet" a kitty on the screen and make a purr sound. that is about as far as i got with Android apps so far.

I have not clicked on the link on the main post here (most things are blocked at my work), but in the URL it does mention VOIP.. are you trying to set up a new type Skype or something?
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