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C++ custom control for AHK

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I need a new control on gui that is a multiline listbox.

I'm just wondering how hard it would be to create an dll in visual c++ that will allow me to add that control to a AHK gui?

Here is an example of that control.
Is there a lot of work to make it usable with ahk?

I know c++ a little but I'm not to experienced with advanced programming. Maybe someone has an source code/template for custom control that can work with ahk (I saw them on the board)?

Any help, informations, tips are welcome

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Ahk already has multiline listbox's..... You just have to seperate each value with | when you create it the gui


if you want to change it after you have already created the listview you have to use GuiControl. Its all in the help guide.

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I believe he means something like this:
gui, add, listbox, x6 y6 w200 r10, Item1|item2|item3`nitem3|item4`nitem4`nitem4
gui, show
<!-- m -->http://img1.uploadsc... ... 5-orig.png<!-- m -->

As hinted by the image in the link. Note the different heights of the rows/colors?
Multi-lined text per 1 row.

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This might help:
<!-- m -->http://www.codeproje... ... st-Control<!-- m -->

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Yea I saw a lot of modified controls written in c++ or any others but I have one basic question. How to add this control to the gui created in ahk? it must be written specially for ahk?

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You will have to make sure that the C++ dll is exporting the control. 
Next you will have to import the dll with AHK 

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See for example how Scintilla control is loaded from the dll.

For AutoHotkey_L http://www.autohotke...-wrapper-v1424/

For AutoHotkey_H http://www.autohotke...ib/#entry426197