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GTA San Anreas SA-MP ‘Cbug/CrouchShoot’ rapidfire bind Help!

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I apologize in advance for the length of this post but I just wanted to make sure that I could fully explain myself so that I can get a good result.
Hey this is my first time using this forum and I hope I can explain myself well enough so that you can help me.
The reason I have come here is because I use autohotkey for a game called SA-MP which is an online version of the game GTA San Andreas and I am fairly comfortable in how AHK works for basic key binds.
But what I need is there is an exploit in the game called ‘Cbugging’ or ‘Crouch/Crack Shooting’ which allows you to ‘rapid fire’ with any weapon, this is how it is done:
First you aim down your weapon (Hold Right Mouse Button) then while aiming shoot your gun (Tap Left Mouse Click) then as soon as you shoot, drop your aim (Release Right Mouse Button) and straight after you drop your aim hit the ‘C’ key on your keyboard, what its basically doing is as soon as you release your right mouse button, the game plays the ‘Dropping animation’ which you must wait until the animation is done before you can shoot again, this is where hitting the ‘C’ key comes in, the ‘C’ key is the crouch key which if you press while the ‘Dropping aim’ animation is playing, it will break the animation due to a bug which will allow you to repeat these 3 steps really quickly causing a ‘rapid fire’ of your gun.
I tried making my own script for it but I wasn’t successful, here's the script:
!r ::SendInput Rbutton Lbutton C
That’s all I could come up with, but the problem with this script is as my character begun his aim the hotkey was too fast for the animation and the Lbutton was initialized before the ‘aiming’ animation was finished so it ruined the whole bind.
What I think will work is something along the lines of this:
When I press the hotkey (!r) I want the Rbutton to be held down then while its being held the Lbutton is clicked and immediately following the Rbutton is released and the ‘C’ key is pressed and possibly this sequence is looped so it loops 4 times then stops until I press Alt+R again. Something like this?:
!R::SendInput Rbutton{Suspend Rbutton} Lbutton{Unsuspend Rbutton} C {Loop 4}
If someone could help me or even come up with a script for me to use I would be very appreciative thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply’s

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please use the full editor's "code" button to post code

You must use:

MouseClick [, WhichButton , X, Y, ClickCount, Speed, D|U, R]

where the D and U mean 'down' and 'up' events. Look here - http://www.autohotke.../MouseClick.htm

Send keystrokes with SendInput.

Also, start a new line after your hotkey label:
command1, x, y
command2, x, y

Enjoy! :D

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In GTA San andreas i found out you need to add a key delay to send keystrokes:
SetKeyDelay, 60, 36

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can u guys show an example script ? please