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KlipFolio - news/info/process/update/ ... ticker [freeware]

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That looks realy cool ! 8)

Serence™ KlipFolio™ is a free information awareness and notification application for Windows. It's quick to install and easy to use. KlipFolio lets you configure and monitor a wide variety of real-time information services on your desktop--like weather, stocks, breaking news, RSS feeds and auctions. These information services are called Klips, and there are hundreds of them available at KlipFarm ... [more]


Or, why not use AHK to ...

create KlipFood Using .FOOD

The .food format currently uses the following structure to provide textual hyperlinks to KlipFolio's interface. The , , , <link> and <note> tags must conform to the following structure: <br /><br /><klipfood><br /> <item> <br /> <title>This is a headline
More information about this item

Your file can contain as many items as you want. Just repeat the code (from to ) and change the data contained within the and <link> tags. Each item represents a headline within your Klip's interface and the optional <note> provides extra information about a given headline. <br /><br />An easy way to get started is to open the template.food file contained in the Klip Dev Kit. Replace the data between the <klipfood></klipfood> tags with your own (removing the comments if you like) and save the file with an appropriate filename. <br /><br />There a variety of server-side tools available that can be configured to dynamically create .food files from various sources (databases, .cfm, .asp, .php, etc.) More information on how to do this will be provided as time goes by. <br /><br />NOTE: When dynamically generating .food using server-side tools, the file that is output need not have the .food extension, but it MUST contain the <klipfood></klipfood> tags.<br /><br /><br />Additional Features of .FOOD KlipFood<br /><br />All of these tags and attributes must appear between the <klipfood> and </klipfood> tags.<br /><br />Remove old items automatically "<purge>"<br /><br />Should you want your Klip to automatically remove old items each time the KlipFood is updated (for example: you may not want yesterday's items to appear to your Klip users), simply include <purge>0</purge> This forces KlipFolio to only display the items contained in your latest .food file - all older items will be removed.<br /><br />Change the Klip icon on each refresh "<kicon>"<br /><br />Your KlipFood can force your Klip to get a different icon by including the URL for the new icon between <kicon> and </kicon>. When a user's copy of your Klip refreshes its KlipFood, it reads the URL from <kicon> and tries to download and display it.<br /><br />Ensure that a specific item is updated "<item iid=..."<br /><br />Your KlipFood can give a unique name to each item in order to update it during a later refresh. The "iid" attribute is an attribute of the <item> tag and contains a unique name for that item. Your Klip stores each item's iid for future reference. If your Klip encounters KlipFood that contains an item which has the exact same iid as an item it already has, both the title and link of the old item are replaced with the title and link of the new item.<br /><br />The iid attribute is essential if your Klip is designed to display forum or message board topics and the number of comments or threads it contains. Each time the thread count rises, the headline will be updated rather than a new one added to the Klip.</p></blockquote><br />There are also other formats supported ...<a href='http://www.serence.com/provider.php?page=guides_klipfood' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>[more]</a> <img src='//autohotkey.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/grin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><br /><br />For your eyes only (James Bond): <a href='http://www.serence.com/images/content/ent_klip_images/fedbizopps.gif' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>Image</a> <br /> </div> <div class='clearfix'><div class='postInfoBottom left'> <span class='postDate'> <span class='post_id'> <a itemprop="replyToUrl" data-entry-pid='292' href='//autohotkey.com/board/topic/86-klipfolio-newsinfoprocessupdate-ticker-freeware/#entry292' rel='bookmark' title='KlipFolio - news/info/process/update/ ... ticker [freeware]: post #1'> #1 <img 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