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Remapping that blasted function (Fn) key!

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To me the function key seems to be fairly new or uncommon, and it's inconvenient for gaming due to the fact that it's located on the bottom left corner of certain newer keyboards where the bottom left control key USUALLY is, and lots of people are dependent on and used to it for gaming. ( ie. used in certain RTS games such as Starcraft as well as any DotA spinoff games for making control groups; or FPS games where many people are used to using the bottom left control key for crouching).

Other people seem to have the same problem.

So, simple question - is there an Autohotkey alias for this "function" key? If so, what is it? I can't seem to find it.

Here's the script for what I think (which is wrong):


Edit: it has come to my attention that the Fn key is different in that it seems to be more "hardware bound" than "software bound." It counts as a special key, will look into it now.

Also I'm currently using a PC with Windows 8.

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Yes You sure can re-program those.. but I am not sure about the Windows 8 issue..
If your keyboard or mouse has a key not listed above, you might still be able to make it a hotkey by using the following steps (requires Windows XP/2000/NT or later):
  • Ensure that at least one script is running that is using the keyboard hook. You can tell if a script has the keyboard hook by opening its main window and selecting "View->Key history" from the menu bar.
  • Double-click that script's tray icon to open its main window.
  • Press one of the "mystery keys" on your keyboard.
  • Select the menu item "View->Key history"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Somewhere near the bottom are the key-down and key-up events for your key. NOTE: Some keys do not generate events and thus will not be visible here. If this is the case, you cannot directly make that particular key a hotkey because your keyboard driver or hardware handles it at a level too low for AutoHotkey to access. For possible solutions, see further below.
  • If your key is detectible, make a note of the 3-digit hexadecimal value in the second column of the list (e.g. 159).
  • To define this key as a hotkey, follow this example:
    SC159:: ; Replace 159 with your key's value.
    MsgBox, %A_ThisHotKey% was pressed.
Reverse direction: To remap some other key to become a "mystery key", follow this example:
; Replace 159 with the value discovered above. Replace FF (if needed) with the
; key's virtual key, which can be discovered in the first column of the Key History screen.

#c::Send {vkFFsc159}
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A much easier way to get the ScanCode is xev (in Cygwin, free.) Turns out that "Fn" has no SC - only modifies the SCs of other keys...