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Send touch event to iPad

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[Intro] I realize that AHK is designed for Windows and certain features are "explicitly Windows based".
Having said that AHK seems to be the best place to start the search. AHK already implemented those features under Windows. Thus, AHK community (1) will understand the question right away (2) will (hopefully) focus on the technical side of the question. A similar question was raised a few times on Apple forums, but the discussion each time diverted to (1) this is a bad way to write programs for apps store (2) why do you want to get out of the sandbox
[end of ntro]

I would like to have a way to emulate screen touch events on iPad and pass those events to a third party program (to automate in game farming). In case of AHK under Windows it is as easy as
Click, left, 200, 100

Is it possible to do the same under iOS? Which programs should I look into? Will this require jailbreaking of iPad?

Thank you,

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You can use Veency on a jailbroken iPad and send the events to the VNC client window within Windows.


I know that Send and Click work fine... just can't figure out if it's possible to zoom the screen in/out.

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