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Please explain this simple code snippet

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I have found this snippet of code multiple places, it is used to detect any keypress:




Loop 26 
   HotKey % Chr(A_Index+96), Hotty

; do something

How exactly does it work?


Furthermore I want Hotty to capture the key, but I also want the key to be sent, this is normally done with a ~, how can I do this here?

Thanks in advance

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this is the wrong forum, you should post in the Support forum when you need help

anyway, what exactly don't you understand? there are help docs here for every command used:

basically the script turns on 26 hotkeys corresponding to every letter of the alphabet, all pointing to the same label when pressed.

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Hi Spagnum, welcome to the forum.


Have you worked through the tutorial :?: http://www.autohotke...cs/Tutorial.htm


Concerning 'capturing' the hotkey look at A_ThisHotkey