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We need support in a project - system lockdown / win8

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Hello Forum Members,


we need support for generating a autohotkey script / excutable for windows 8. As a short introduction we need to lockdown the system for a kiosk setup (placed in a retail environment). We need to make sure that all keys are locked and not working, except the arrow keys and space and a secrect combination of keystroke (a password to remove the lock) and for sure the left and right mouse button and trackpad. As we have to test and delivery until end of January we would like to ask for a experienced professional programmer / autohotkey user.


Another thing is that we try to remove the windows 8 gestures so that nobody could exit an application which runs in fullscreen - but therefore we could also use other solutions, because we could setup a own modified user which gets ingest with the Installation of the software package we produce. 


If someone is interested please contact me directly. i would like to execute this until xmas and start testing from the 10th of january. Many Thanks Mike