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Inputbox data validation (5 characters or less)

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I would like to ensure that the inputbox string is 5 characters or less.  Isn't there a default option for this?? I would like it so that if the user tries to enter a 6th character, it won't show up.  Maybe a tooltip or something pops up that says input must be 5 or less characters.  I would also like the characters to be ONLY numerical, with a tooltip that pops up if the user tries to enter text.


Here's what I've been currently using, but I don't want a msgbox..


InputBox, search_term,,,, 250, 100
if (StrLen(search_term) > 5)
   MsgBox, string too long!

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Make a Gui with and Edit control http://www.autohotke...ntrols.htm#Edit and set the Limit and Number options.

More complex entry validation:
1 - jsherk function http://www.autohotke...n-edit-control/
2 - jballi edit library http://www.autohotke...e-2#entry432114

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As an alternative to faqbot's response you can use the Input with L ( limit ) like L5 ( limit 5 )


and just have something to check if the data is a digit.. And if its not go back to the start and try again..




Input, Search_term, L5
If Search_term is not digit
MsgBox, Please only enter numbers
Goto, Start
MsgBox, %Search_term%

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Title := "Search Term"
MaxChars := 5
SetTimer, SetEditOptions, -20                ; call timer SetEditOptions once after 20 ms

InputBox, search_term, %Title%, ,, 250, 100


If WinExist(Title . "ahk_class #32770") {    ; check for the input box
   SendMessage, 0x00C5, MaxChars, 0, Edit1   ; EM_LIMITTEXT -> accept up to MaxChars characters
   Control, Style, +0x2000, Edit1            ; ES_NUMBER    -> accept only digits


But I'd prefer to use a GUI in this case, too.

Prefer ahkscript.org for the time being.

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Thanks for the idea/code just me. Just for fun, I will probably create an example for the Edit Library based on this concept. Like you, I will probably never use it (create a custom GUI instead) but it will be out there just in case someone needs it.