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Minecraft Helper (Quick block placement, Faster way to craft and more!)

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Okay, First off I would like to say this doesn't just add a lame "This button to hold click down", it adds more then that.

MgVk1.png<--- Mascot because being professional is no fun



;============== Info ==============;
; Author: DarkVamprism (xXDarknessXx)
; What it does:
; - Middleclick changes to 9th(last) slot, right clicks, then changes back to current slot(for torch placement).
; - Mouse XButton1 changes to 8th slot and holds left click, when released it releases the leftclick and changes back to current slot.
; - Mouse XButton2 does as above but for slot 7 (good for using pick and shovels, then letting go changing back to your sword\block.
; - Capslock is to force sneaking, to stop sneaking just tap the actual sneak key.
; - Makes numpad buttons(while holding modifier keys, default are Alt or Ctrl) right click in the corresponding craft table\inventory grid.
; - F1 will turn on quick placement, Turning this on will make you unable to change slot with number keys, instead pressing them will change
; to that slot and then hold right click until the number is released, then changes back to last selected slot (can also be used for food).
; Extra features:
; - Runs Minecraft.
; - Sets window position and size and provides a function that can be bound to a key to load the position.
; Names of functions(with parameters) that you(the user) can use to make your own hotkeys is written at the buttom of the file.





Image Summary:

              Quick Crafting                                       Quick Placement (tapping 4)
0d4fr.gif                        ctNmJ.gif


Download Links

Zip: http://db.tt/aU5Nl0xN
Exe: http://db.tt/IbnOTeGP
Source Zip: http://db.tt/ySIkfpuS


Now for the sources, I'm kind of bad at sticking to coding if I have no deadline so parts of my code may be unnecessary as I wrote half of it about 3 months ago and finished it 5 minutes ago. The only file you should have to change is the MinecraftHelper.ahk to change your hotkeys and such. the script assumes you use Left Control as sneak.

If there is enough people wanting to use this I will make it more user friendly and try and add a gui for the hotkeys but with the current 1 person using it(Me) it is kind of not worth the effort.


I would suggest getting the source zip as the forums make the code formatting look like fly vomit.
If anything doesn't work please tell me and I will try and fix it.


Hurray for space saving Spoiler tags. Code inside.


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Hurrah! Just found this today and it's awesome. I edited somethings, and it seems that the Minecraft window is now ahk_class LWJGL instead of the SunAwtFrame or whatever. I also added some stuff like toggling the middle click quick place and added a quick snow block craft (which is what I was originally looking for, in fact).

I do have a question though (if you ever see this):
How exactly is the inventory crafting supposed to work? Do you click the numpad keys 1234?

Also, is the section for inventory crafting supposed to be modulus 2 instead of mod 3? Not quite sure.

Lastly, downloads are broken.

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the crafting isn't really useful anymore, it was used before the awesome click and drag was added, basically the numpad buttons would correspond to the same square of the crafting window, for example 7 would click in the top left crafting slot, 9 in the top right etc.

Also with the inventory crafting it was intended to use 4 and 5 for the top two, and 1 and 2 for the bottom two, so that it keeps the square positioning(if that makes sense lol), the number sent to the function is the number key pressed, changing it to modulus 2 would cause that positioning to be off.


also the links are over 2 years old so yes they are broken lol but this is popular enough to maintain download links, so I'm sorry to all future people but you will have to use the source code.