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Any utilities to send messages to Android from PC (via AHK input) ?

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I am trying to integrate into my script a way of alerting me status of certain things remotely.

Currently my script basically has


if (conditions = true)



and I receive an email in my hotmail on my phone (Android) where ever I am so I can check.


However I am looking for something that can be customized more.


Basically I want :

Have script running on computer, when conditions are met I will receive an alert on phone

I'd like to only receive messages from my computer (a flaw of using hotmail, I will receive emails from everyone else and my computer)

Should be compatible with AHK (could be through batch or cmd)

Ideally, on my phone the message should open automatically

Should be silent and in the background (doesn't interfere with normal PC use)


EDIT I've been using AHK for 4 years but rarely visit the forums. What happened to the old forum? Is it archived or accessible? I often find this new UI a little harder to search through and I can't find the scripts and topics listed on the old forum.

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There are apps on the market to send info back and forth with which you can isolate the alerts, such and chrome to phone, etc. But as for doing what you want specifically, I believe it would require you to build a custom app for the android also. Another option you might consider is checking with your cell provider and see what their sms email format is. it's usually something like 1<area code+number>@sms.carrier.com.  that will send a text message to your phone which you could check instead of email. Not really recommended if you have a limited text package, though.

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Have ahk update a twitter account or RSS feed in a DropBox folder?

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There are plenty of command line email clients out there, "Blat" being one of the more well known. You could use ahk to do some simple command line stuff, and Blat to send the actual email.

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I am not sure what your problem is, at least with the AHK part. AHK can handle this with a few lines of code.(if I understand you correctly).  Have you tried to coding this ???

I wanted to monitor the Katla Volcano for earthquakes that are only larger than mag 1.7. and only send the time to me vis email while working in the fields.


Using UrlDownloadToFile", StrX(H,BS="",BO=0,BT=1,ES="",EO=0,ET=1,ByRef N="") { ; by Skan | 19-Nov-2009Skans, Regex, then combine that with email scripltets (e.g. COM look here seans and sinkfaze's work  http://www.autohotke...-ahk-l/?hl=pmsg) it only toke a short time, and i am no programmer.


Try it, it was great fun. 

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Check this out: http://airdroid.com/


AirDroid is an Android app that lets you access your Android device via computer web browser over any network. It’s like integrating your Android device into your computer.



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it use that to dial phone numbers which I ve on my PC at my android-Phone


#) AHK-Frontend on my (internet connected) PC sends a html-code to my phone via


#) Autoremote - you get it at google play, it costs some money - and every user (phone) has a unique password which you get at registering autoremote


#) Tasker - you get it at google play, costs some money - interacts on my phone with autoremote and catches and interprets the messages and then e.g. it dials a number which it receives from



#) Autolink - to call apps on your phone by tasker - to get in google play for free


with that I could build a cti-application which works like a charm.


Try it, it works for us on more than one phone