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Set Number Format

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Hi guys,


I tried to search the forum, but I was not sure what was my real solution, so sincere apologies for causing annoyance if such case has been resolved before.


Apparently, I am making a script to add numbers from reports.


However, the values in the reports are such that instead of comma in thousands, the dot is used instead


Because of this, my script will read the value as




instead of 




I'm looking for a solution such that numbers greater than 999 can be read as thousands instead of decimals.


Extra information:

1. Numbers lesser than 1000 are fine

2. All numbers are whole numbers, thus no decimals involved


Thank you for the help, and once again, sincerest apologies for any annoyance caused!

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Hi juniorhunt3r, Welcome to the AutoHotkey forum.


I have made a simple function that should suit your needs,




Number := 33.300

MsgBox, % DotToComma(Number)

DotToComma( Number )
{    RegExMatch( Number, "(\d+)\.(\d+[^$])", _ )
    Return _1 != "" ? _1 "," _2 : Number


If this doesn't work for some numbers please let me know and i will modify the code.

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For educational purposes the same can be obtained with stringreplace:

Number := 33.300
msgbox % number

But more importantly, if your job is create a script that will add these numbers you do want commas either!.  So use stringreplace to delete all commas or dots. When it is time for a report, use something like this:

msgbox % KSep(10000)
KSep(x, d=2, s=",") {
	return RegExReplace(round(x,d), "\G\d+?(?=(\d{3})+(?:\D|$))", "$0" s)

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