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[Solved] GUI Text and DPI Scaling in Windows - Larger Text (120 DPI)

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In Windows' Control Panel there's an option to increase the font size from 96 to 120 DPI. This makes the text in my GUIs appear larger and it no longer fits inside the required width. (I define window withs in Gui, Show, control widths for button etc.)

How can I fix this, keeping my old window and control sizes?

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I've noticed this. I have a high definition (1920x1080) 17" notebook and I set the DPI at 125 (Windows 7) so that I can read the text.  At times that chops off text in tight text boxes and other controls.  For example take the ahk2exe GUI (see below). Most users are not aware of this, but the text to the right of the checkbox at the bottom is wrapping at 125 DPI, and because of this, the text has become virtually illegible (bottom and top are chopped off).  I do not know that there is a fix for this other than having the GUI designer adjusting for this and creating controls (the ones that have text) that are wider.  Ideally, GUI designers should check by changing their settings to a higher DPI and making sure that all controls are still OK before distribution of their application. If there is another fix, I'll like to know as well.


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yes, the person who makes the GUI needs to make their controls wider to compensate

see this thread where i explain it all

there is a solution here:

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I see now. I'll use w%variable% in each control and Gui, Show line to adjust for different DPI settings.


Thanks for the solution! Cheers!